A story of COMBAT, CRICKET and the SAS

After more than twenty years in the SAS, decades of service and multiple tours in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan,  Anthony “Harry” Moffitt is one of the regiment’s most experienced and recognised figures.

Last night, over 100 of our Service members attended an evening with Harry Moffitt where he spoke about his newly released book “ELEVEN BATS”. The book combines his two lifetime loves: cricket and the SAS.

Anthony “Harry” Moffitt shared stories of his time as an SAS Operator and Team Commander and how cricket had a profound impact on his life, on and off the pitch and battlefield.

He spoke about the psychology of SAS selection, what it’s like to have the Taliban sledging you on the cricket pitch in the middle of a warzone and the importance of team sport in the trenches. He brought with him 11 personal keepsakes, one from each tour. These 11 cricket bats had the signatures of his comrades and special people he met on each tour. One cricket bat has in fact been signed by members of the Royal Family, namely Harry and Phillip!

But more importantly Harry shared his passion on the importance of transitioning out of the army and stressed the importance of having systems set up for being able to change careers with confidence.

The night was definitely enjoyed by all with moments of laughter as well as amazement on what Harry had experienced throughout his many years of service.

If you would like a personally signed copy of ELEVEN BATS, we have some available at Reception for $40 with $10 from each sale going to Goulburn Valley Veterans Centre.