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The first ever RSL bowls team was formed in 1977 to play in the Edinburgh Shield competition at Footscray. The team was made up of bowlers who played with other clubs but were members of the Shepparton RSL. One such bowler was Jack Thewlis who is still a current bowling member.

After this most enjoyable debut into RSL bowls, a meeting was held in December 1977 with the intention of forming an RSL Bowls Section, obtaining a bowling green and to eventually enter a team in the GVBA.

On May 23rd 1978, the first Annual Meeting of the Shepparton RSL Bowls Section was held with the election of inaugural Chairman Lindsay Lukies.  A total of 25 financial members were in attendance.

In January the following year, two houses were demolished and the area levelled in preparation to construct a brand new bowling green adjacent to the RSL sub branch. The new bowling green was completed and officially opened on June 23rd 1979, by Mr Colin Keon-Cohen, State President of the Victorian RSL. Ken Mercer bowled the first jack and Lindsay Lukies bowled the first bowl. Since then the surface has been replaced a number of times, lights were installed along with a watering system to help with the heat of a Shepparton summer.

The completion of the 2016/17 season saw the end of an era when unfortunately, we lost our bowling green so additional car parking could be developed to meet with the growing demands of the sub branch. With help from the Shepparton RSL, the club have successfully relocated to the premier lawn bowls facility in the region, Shepparton Park.

The club has seen plenty of success since being formed with 16 premierships won in Divisions 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Our latest victory coming in the 2017/18 season when our Midweek team took out the Division 3 final.

Perhaps the most important victory came during the 1999/2000 season when our Division 2 weekend pennant team held the cup aloft to gain automatic promotion to Division One the following season.

The club continues to put teams on the green each season and we hope to continue doing so for many years to come

Your Committee for 2019-2020 season

Geoff Newman

Lorraine Nicholls

Joyce Johnson

Malcolm Pretty

Murray Reid

Ray Sinclair, Wendy Watt, Robert Dodds, Ron Thorp, Peter Brady..

Joyce Johnson, Lorraine Nicholls, Roberft Dodds.

Ray Opie, Ray Sinclair, Ron Thorp, Robert Dodds, Mick Villani.

Joyce Johnson, Lorraine Nicholls, Peter Bradey

Wendy Watt, Lorraine Nicholls.


1998/99 Division 3
1999/00 Division 2
2000/01 Division 6
2003/04 Division 5
2005/06 Division 4
2005/06 Division 5
2006/07 Division 6
2007/08 Division 5
2009/10 Division 5

2009/10 Division 5
2010/11 Division 2
2010/11 Division 5
2012/13 Division 5
2013/14 Division 3
2014/15 Division 5
2015/16 Division 6
2017/18 Midweek Division 3

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