Signing in has become simpler!

After receiving updated information from the Victorian State Government, we have needed to alter our signing in process for members and guests and wanted to communicate these changes with you.

As you know it has been a bit confusing of late but we are now, fortunately, able to simplify things.

As a financial member, your ONLY compulsory sign in requirement is scanning the QR Code that is on display in the foyer. If you do not have a mobile device to scan with, there is a manual sign in sheet that can be filled out. This information is required by the government for contact tracing purposes.

The good news is that you no longer need to sign in at the reception desk using your membership card. Simply bring it along with you and it will be treated like an “entry ticket” to the venue.

To check your rewards points tally and to enter in our monthly members draw, please feel free to swipe your membership card at either of the entry kiosks (located on the left when entering).

All visitors (non-members) who join you at the club will need to continue to sign in at reception using photo ID as well as scanning the QR code or filling in the sign in sheet. We encourage you to suggest becoming a member to your guests. As you know, there are many member benefits including great discounts on food and drinks. At just $11 per calendar year for social membership, it’s worth their while to join and our reception staff are more than happy to help them out.

Again, thank you for your patience with all the regulations we need to abide by. Its great to see things pretty much back to normal within the venue and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Kindest regards,

Grant Tarrant
General Manager