Since the beginning of August, $25,000 has been shared amongst local members.

45 members have won anything from $75 right up to $2,000 cash and, needless to say, you couldn’t wipe the grins from their faces.

$15,000 was won over the initial 8 weeks in THE GREAT $ GRAB and then 5 x $2,000 was won on October 2 in THE GREAT $10,000 GRAB.

Add to this a fun Roaring 20s theme and staff and members alike well and truly got into the “swing” of things.  

Weekly Cash Grab Winners
Week 1 A Faul, L McPherson, A Ainsworth, S Rae, G McNamara
Week 2 C Tripoli, G Wheeler, T Tripoli, J Morrow, E Duffy
Week 3  P Pedersen, G Ryan, K Ponting, C Young, S Cooper
Week 4  T Allan, P Sweet, J Kane, C O’Brien, D Bilney
Week 5  K Fiske, M Houlihan, B Jones, C Hannah, V Scheggia
Week 6  A Grimes, L Bennie, P Davies, A Daddona, J Knight
Week 7  P Fitzgerald, B Dempsey, A Parsons, C Simions, K Downing
Week 8  P Savage, L Hockey, A Bennett, J Britten, B Dalby

$2,000 Winners
P Wellington, J Ryan, T Saville, D Close, T Miles

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